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 My Musical Activities Beyond My Work As A Solo Artist

Gypsy Child is a guaranteed-to-please classic rock band that I've had going since 1982.  Available for nightclubs, parties, special events.  This band has been around so long that it almost qualifies for consideration as one of Central Florida's historic landmarks.

Blues 4 Hire performs only the best in classic blues, with a little R&B thrown in for good measure.  Also available for nightclubs, parties, special events.  Check 'em out!

This site is devoted to my activities as a wedding vocalist, flautist, and partner with harpist Nici Haerter.  We also appear at business receptions, conventions, Christmas events, Valentine's Day.  If you have a wedding or special event coming up, we can fit the bill!

Gator Country is a new band that contains four members of the original Molly Hatchet Band.  When they are playing anywhere in the area that I can get to without hopping on a plane, I have the privilege of performing on keyboards with the band.  On a sad note, one of our guitarists, Duane Roland, passed away suddenly in June 2006.  He is greatly missed, but we feel that he would want the band to continue in his honour.  R.I.P., Duane...

 Organizations Dear To My Heart

I could go on and on about my compassion and affection for homeless animals.  I've already adopted all the homeless pets my meager dwelling can hold.  Please, next time you're in the market for a pet, please find it in your heart to adopt one from your local shelter.  Remember, if you insist on buying a pet with "papers" and all that nonsense, you are encouraging inbreeding and the shameful manipulation of a species that was doing just fine on its own until the human race began to interfere.  Purebred dogs are prone to many serious and painful afflictions due to this inbreeding and you will only be supporting this terrible situation. If you are a person who wants to "wear" your dog as some type of status symbol, then you must have some serious insecurity issues. My family of "mutts" have given me more love and dedication than most humans I've dealt with throughout my lifetime.  They stay healthy and are the greatest friends a girl could have.  Thanks for letting me sound off, but I take this subject very seriously!

I became aware of this fine organization during the first big hurricane season in 2004.  This org. is dedicated to the rescue of pets during natural disasters.  They do all in their power to reunite pets with their owners, and also find good homes for unclaimed pets.  Next time we have one of those natural disasters, please find it in your heart to donate to Noah's Wish.  I thank you!

The official web site of the Orange Blossom Blues Society.  Join us in promoting the blues and keeping it alive throughout the Central Florida Area.

Keep in touch with what's happening in the local blues scene by visiting this message board.  Lots of useful info on this one.

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